Leah's Approximately Asian Veggies

This recipe is the creation and favorite of my oldest daughter, Leah. There is lots of room for variation, and it's a quick, nutritious, tasty meal.


sauteeing mixture:




Heat sauteeing mixture (oil, pepper flakes, garlic, ground pepper) in a 5 quart saucepan until a drop of water sizzles. Turn down to med-low. (Cover pot, because it will spatter.)

Add broccoli and cook, stirring periodically. it can be left covered for several minutes at a time without sticking, but make sure that the heat isn't too high and that the broccoli gets stirred often enough to cook all parts evenly.

Meanwhile, in a container that can hold at least 2.5 cups of liquid, mix all sauce ingredients, making sure that the cornstarch is completely dissolved in the liquid.

When the broccoli is tender (just a short while after becoming bright green), add chestnuts, then tofu, cooking a bit longer at each step. If you are using other veggies, add in order of decreasing firmness.

When all the vegetables are cooked, pour in the sauce mixture and turn the heat up slightly. Stir fairly often until the sauce begins to thicken. Turn the heat down to simmer (or even off, if your burner stays warm), and mix occasionally.

Serve over rice. This is excellent immediately but also keeps well in the fridge. It serves 8 moderately hungry or 4 famished persons.

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